It all went downhill // WHOW

And then twitter came along and stole my time. Yes I now also do twitter (follow me). After being at ground zero in laptop land I wasn't able to do any edits till today (included), I didn't even have Ableton or Logic on the machine. Additionally I moved in with my girlfriend before and after I spent 5 weeks in Australia. Now I even have deadlines for remixes and releases hauntig me in my sleep. Not to mention the friday/saturday DJ-cycle.

Poor you (no Malente Edit) happy me (nobody layed me off despite: CRISES). In fact I had a lot of happy days recently. One of these days was D.I.M.'s birthday about a month ago wich he celebrated in club 77 while I stayed in Sydeny (see the pigs;) - man I am so funny today).
Boys Noize played back to back with his girlfriend. Yep, she battled the man with her iPod. I think she won the battle as she played Kate Bush and Münchner Freiheit. The Australians seemed not even irritated when she took the mic, pitched her voice up and held a speech in German to let everybody know that it is in fact D.I.M's birthday and that they love him heeps, just to see him hiding his red face behind the DJ booth...
The music was great even when Alex played on his own for an hour ;) In fact it was incredibly funky, disco, futuristic and not hardcore at all. Great set. I went to club77 with Jaimie Fanatic who toured Australia too that time and we where both going "WHOW"
Speaking of "WHOW" and Jaimie (from right: Jaimie, Malente, D.I.M). The man from Rotterdam is the first guest on the opening night of Moston & Malente's WHOW Party.

Happening every 2nd month on the 3rd Saturday from now on (21.FEB09) in my new hometown ESSEN at the awesome little GOETHE BUNKER club. This time Lars Moston (Berlin) is hosting. Jaimie Fanatic from Rotterdam and Max Cherry (Cologne) as well as Brian Lindsay (USA) complete the line up AND they're all gonna celebrate Mr. Moston's brithday. A life fully of brithdays ain't that crazy... Gets better below the following pic:
Should you be around on saturday and you don't wanna pay on the door write yourself on the guestlist. just drop an email to whowparty@gmx.de and you can get in FOR FREE before 0.30h. Come on...