(celebrate) the day after you!

hi opossums. This is my first post for some time now, as i had to take a holiday from my head to get a new "mind dimension...mind dimension...mind dimension...".
I actually wanted to do this post on the day that George Bush left the oval office, so sorry for the delay.
Uk popsters The Blow Monkeys released "(Celebrate) the day after you", a great housy pop-song in 1987 as a clear message to the then-Prime-minister of the UK Maggie Thatcher ("the iron lady") to...well...disappear. There are a lot of similarities between Bush and Thatcher, because both politicians led their country in a big crisis. The discontent of the people in both countries/times grew so strong, that lots of artists finally became active in resistance. In 1987 there was the Red Wedge movement, a collective of musicians, that found together in the aim to help stop the conservative governement. Head of Red Wedge was Billy Bragg, but also Paul Weller & The Style Council, Jerry Dammers/The Specials and many more (a.o. The Blow Monkeys) gathered for free concerts to raise awareness, support strikers etc. I actually was a fan of all these bands even before, so when they joined i got really interested in their matter.
The original version of "(Celebrate) the day after you" was on The Blow Monkeys's third album "She was only a grocer's daughter" (the title was another insult on poor Maggie). It is already clearly influenced by early House-music. Soon after the band was one of the first Uk-pop-bands to turn into a House-project (alongside Style Council and ABC), which did not really help their success. It features guest vocals from Soul-legend Curtis Mayfield. If you are not familiar with this great pop band, check out their best-of CD as a starters set. it is worth every penny it costs nowadays.

>>>BLOW MONKEYS - (celebrate) the day after you (extended remix)


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