Shir Khan's Vinyl Collection Part1 Ripped (23 Tracks)

Once in a while I digitalize some of my Vinyls. This collection here is perfect for a warm-up-set. From the supercool "Lotterboys"-Tune that was only included on the "Fun"-Compilation, to those mad Ragga-HipHop-Booties "Bomb", to Soul-Punk-funk from "A Certain Ratio", to my favourite Disco Edits from "Betty Botox", to early Acid-House-Breakbeat-Jungle-Ragga-Garage ala "Rebel Mc feat. Tenor Fly", to Gommas dopest release from "Leroy Hangover", and Todd Terjes superb edit of "Kraftwerk", or Dj Icons cheesy version of "Magnum". Its all here. Right now to me - my Vinyl-collection has become a bit of my secret since Blog-House got so boring and its everywhere the same tracks. Grab some of my private collection - I am gonna share this one here with you now. I am sure there is tracks in that havent been around as mp3s yet.
Salut from Santa Khan.

1 Crazy Girl_The Rebel (Niyi Can't Mix) 04:05
2 Lotterboys_Fu-ture (F.U.N. Mix) 03:33
3 Robbie Williams_Rudebox (Soul Mekanik Extended Dub) 05:52
4 Bomb_Under mi sensi 03:42
5 Bomb_DoWhatWeLike 05:13
6 A Certain ratio_Way To Escape 03:51
7 Mark E_Beatdown 07:12
8 Discodeine_Joystick_Tomboy Rmx 06:58
9 Glossy Ninjas_Payama 07:12
10 DFD Disco Edits_La Poppe 08:00
11 The Human League_Love Action (I believe in love) 03:49
12 Sound Stream_Rainmaker 05:13
13 Farley Jackmaster Funk_Love can't turnaround (BoysNoize started like this Mix) 06:02
14 Chilly_For Your Love 06:28
15 Leroy Hangover_Klon (Your Body) with Jennifer (Long Version) 04:24
16 Dj Shadow_Right Thing (Z-Trip 'Set the Party off Mix' in three Parts) 06:15
17 Rebel Mc feat. Tenor Fly_The Wickedest Sound (Don Gordon Mix) 06:32
18 Dj I.C.O.N._Magnum Burns 05:31
19 Benny Benassi vs Rolling Stones_Double Satisfaction 07:15
20 Dj Assault_Funky Bitch 03:03
21 Betty Botox_I'm An Indian Three 07:02
22 Betty Botox_Synthetic Love Juice 05:38
23 Tangoterje_Home Computer 05:38

Shir Khan's Vinyl Collection Part1 Ripped (23 Tracks)


Anonym hat gesagt…

yeah! thanx dude!

BOMB BOUTIQUE hat gesagt…

Crazy Girl, thanx for chosing!

fuoser hat gesagt…

oh yeah...thanks a lot...
i searched so hard for this chilly track id listened to on the mr vanderley mix...great.
btw regards to bomb boutique...
essen misses you!
much love

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot man!

Niklas hat gesagt…

Awesome! Thank you so much!

vivikat hat gesagt…

this is so amazing! it was lovely to meet you with tim in the office in sydney... next time we'd love to have you play our party. xo