Lorenz Rhode - A Little Something

If you like Siriusmo, you probably might like Lorenz Rhode too. Lorenz Rhode did a superb remix for Ben Mono's "Hit The Bit"-Single and also released a cool P-Funk-Cutup-Houserecord on Compost. Now he's back with his "Motor Cortex"-EP on Exploited.Lorenz himself describes the style of his record like this:"Think one part Electro Funk, one part 80's synthesizer Megalomania, one part old school House music, a Soul feel, occasional Krautrock or J-Pop glimpses and a certain weirdness. Or if you prefer name dropping: Rick James dating Chaka Khan, dancing to Daft Punk and Technotronic, making sweet love to a Stevie Wonder ballad, when suddenly a group of German robots and a Yellow Magic Orchestra come rushing into the hotel suite and... they all decide to go to France instead."
There is a rumour he will do his first live-gig ever at our Berlin Battery-Party in February together with Metronomy.
To be confirmed! Our friend and VJ of our Berlin Battery Partys "ULTRAMOODEM" made a nice new Videosnippet for Lorenz.
Here is a free track from Lorenz Rhode's "Motor Cortex"-EP.

Lorenz Rhode - A Little Something


Lorenz Rhode@Myspace

Whole Lorenz Rhode Motor Cortex EP here

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