JAMES YUILL (in Berlin...)

2009 is here and we have a nice start for it (for you):
Young Londoner JAMES YUILL has definetly done one of the top albums 2008. "turning down water for air" mixes the folky melancholy breeziness of Nick Drake with the electronic playfullness of Hot Chip. And still you can dance to it! Imagine a very talented guy - high on candy - locked in his mother's bedroom with a guitar and a laptop, playing around with sweet and innocent acoustic melodies and adding some darkly introspective electronic magic. He is signed on Übercool pop-label Moshi Moshi and together with them (plus Stockholm's wunderkinder-duo Lo-Fi-Fnk) we will have a ball on saturday this weekend, january 10th, in Scala/Berlin at our first berlin battery party in 2009:

10.1.: Scala-Berlin
Scala&berlinbattery present:

Moshi Moshi feat.

James Yuill (live)
Lo-Fi-Fnk (live)
Moshi Moshi Djs
Shir Khan
Jack Tennis
Dj Supermarkt
and much much more...

>>>JAMES YUILL - this sweet love (Prins Thomas sneaky edit)



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