JACK TENNIS - My Highlights 2008 (more list shit...!)

As you can see, I've analyzed 2008 through my special music-glasses. And what can I see? Blog-House everywhere, the whole Berlin Battery crew is tried of that kind of sound. During the year we tried to figure out something new, a banging, danceable sound without playing fidget stuff all night long. And it worked so good! From disco, to house, to electro, to soft rock & west coast-sound. 
So let's see if 2009 will bring something new to us... 

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colors
MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
Hercules And Love Affair - s/t
Sebastian Tellier - Sexuality
Gonzales - Soft Power
Mr. Oizo - Lambs Anger
Q-Tip - Live at the Renaissance
Leon Jean Marie - Bent Out Of Shape
James Pants - Welcome
Jamie Lidell - Jim

Pacific! - Hot Lips
Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes
Leon Jean Marie - Bring It On
Metromomy - Heartbreaker (Diskjokke Remix)
Grovesnor - Drive Your Car
Blind Terry - When Prefab Sproud Wrecked My Mind
Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream
Vyle - Possible
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Smoothed Out On An R'n'B-Tip Version)
Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeorplane Remix)

Motown Flies Jamaica
Metro Area - Fabric 43
The Rapture - Tapes
Erol Alkan Pres. Disco 3000
Berlin Battery Compilation
Groove Armada - Late Night Tales

Club Track:
Beni - My Love Needs You
Action Man - Under Your Skin
Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve' Remix)
Gala- Freak From Desire (Roundtable Knights Remix)
Soundstream - Rainmaker
Diskokaine - Rimini (Christopher Just Remix)
Boyz Noize - Oh (A-Track Remix)
Robert Dietz & Markus Fix - Shunsower
Surkin - White Knights 2 (Laidback Luke Remix)
The Emergency - Too Much (Shazam Remix)
Housemeister - What You Want (Sirius Mo Remix)

Also good & interesting in 2008:
Holy Ghost, Lykke Li, Bonaparte, Grace Jones, Flying Lotus, Gameboy/Gamegirl and Bunny Rabbit live at Berlin Battery Parties, Munk, James Yuill, The Ting Tings, MIT, Breakbot, Thunderheist, Pilooski, Riva Starr, Woolfy, The Canyons, Aeroplane...


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