BAGGY LEGGINS - Run Da Roses (Fools Gold Booty)

It's really difficult to add something great to "Fools Gold" by The Stone Roses, because it's so fucking good anyway! Here the guys from Baggy Leggins (no clue, who they are... yes! I love it, they don't even have a myspace-site) have cut the track to pieces and then added some Hip Hop vocals from RUN DMC & DAS EFX ("real Hip Hop") and "BANG", there you have a track that will destroy any decent party in a second.
This track is only the b-side of a 7 Inch. Tha A-side is a really weird and mindblowing booty of a lazy Ethopian tune called "GIRMA BEYEN" redone with heavy b-boy beats and crazy bass. Get it (while it lasts) at Juno.

>>>BAGGY LEGGINS - Run Da Roses

the picture is the original artwork of the Stone Roses 12". Like all fantastic Stone Roses artworks it was painted by John Squire himself, the guitarist of The Roses. Below is a link to his fine arts. (listening to the music he released since he left The Roses, he should really stick to the art...)

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I already bought one copy!