Shir Khan@Neidklub/6.12.08

Ok. Its not possible for me to top Malentes "Axel Fireflies"-Post today, so I am not even trying.
Actually I was just about to upload a tune I am sure everybody would be absolutely crazy for. But I just realized its not on my harddrive. I have to search it on CD (ripped from vinyl)...so thats gonna come soon.
For now I just give you the info that I am playing at my favourite clubnight in Hamburg this Saturday (Nikolaus). Check me out at Neidklub. And to give you some goodie: Here is my interview with Mr.Oizo which I did for my radioshow. Mr.Oizo is a freak! The whole truth with Mr.Oizo here. Word! Please forgive my voice on this - I was sick.
Shir Khan&Mr.Oizo@Radio Fritz

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