that was... berlin battery vs exploited party @ villa berlin

(there are lots more videos of the night on youtube...)

thanks for everybody who played:
Riva Starr, Malente&Dex, Shir Khan, Jack Tennis, DJ Supermarkt, Ponypop, VJ Ultramoodem, Schlechtboys

and thanks for all those who came:
that's you...

it was a real fun-rave night. have a look!

really good fotos by richard cameron
other fotos by dj supermarkt

shir khan, daniel dexter, riva starr

shir khan, malente

daniel dexter, jack tennis, malente

shirkhan, malente&dex

the ponypop ladies

mr. ultramoodem, jack tennis, malente&dex



Anonym hat gesagt…

thank you guys for the awesome party!

britta hat gesagt…

OMG... what did u put in tobi's drink?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Does anybody knows the track who is played in the video?