Studio R feat Mocky - Clapz / Studio R feat. Capitol A - A+R

Life can be tough sometimes. My whole laptop died. Not only my harddrive - no - the whole thing.
I was lucky enough to recover most of the files. Now I have to wait until the new Macbook comes out.
Until then, I will work on a very oldschool and slow Mac. The only good thing about this was that I checked some of my
external harddrives where I found lots of good music on it.
Once - there was a project called STUDIO R. I was actually involved in this project as the DJ and samplesource. Not many people knew about the project because we didnt do any liveshows. We did 2 12" Vinyls - one on Sonarkollektiv and one on Compost/Black Label. The first single featured Canadian Rapper MOCKY. The second single had CAPITOL A on the Mic. I made a selection for you of the best Remixes. Grab a nice TRICKSKI and SLOPE-Remix of the track STUDIO R feat. MOCKY - CLAPZ (Sonarkollektiv) and the LLORCA and BEN MONO-Dub of STUDIO R feat. CAPITOL A - A+R (Compost/Black Label). Actually - these files werent on my external harddrive. I only found the artwork. Therefore, I bought them myself at Beatport:) Here you go. Enjoy the ZIP-File.
>>>Studio R feat Mocky - Clapz / Studio R feat. Capitol A - A+R (zipfile)


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