BONAPARTE - Ego (Jack Tennis Dub Mix)

Berlin hipster Bonaparte is going to release is first record (on Staatsakt) and all the DJs and producers from the likes of Sirius Mo, Rampa or Round Table Knights remixed his songs.
 I've posted my reggae-version of "Too Much" a while before, now this remix is more for the clubs. Don't miss his record release party next friday at Villa/Berlin (one day before our big BerlinBattery/Exploited night there!). More about Bonaparte's songs here or listen to more remixes here.

BONAPARTE - Ego (Jack Tennis Dub Mix).mp3 (ysi)


michael hat gesagt…

... nice tune!

MattNice hat gesagt…

only just found ya blog nice tunes.
Any chance of a re up of this one.
After reading what u wrote i feel i need this to play.


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