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Finally new stuff from Brixtons Basement Jaxx. They have always been diffrent to anybody else and followed their own path, which now makes them the fathers of all those new important club-producers that (like them) have a brider horizon musically (like Diplo, Switch, M.I.A. a.m.m....) There is no doubt, that the Jaxx were among the first to play around with all this, including things like Fidget House and maybe even the NU-Rave thing (hello? what else is "Where's your head at"), but they always fly straight to a diffrent level, way before there is a label for their last experiments.
Coming form Brixton they sure now, what it means to be multicultural. But their sound comes closest to my vision of a modern way to combine cultural backgrounds, because they just take a wild trip in uncountable territories in every single song they do.
There are two new promo 12 Inches around with six new songs which are mindblowing in their diversity. You can hear African rhythms, balkan violins, breaks, brass band sounds, folk guitars (one song is with Lightspeed Champion), fidgety cut-ups and much more which i haven't discovererd yet. But then it has that overall "circus"-vibe (meaning it sounds like a south american street parade marching through a hip cool club), which i just love. For some people what they do is just too much, but i think this is just way ahead of the time, again...
I must admit that i fully understood (felt) their vibe, when i saw them Live years ago at the Brixton Academy (with Royksopp as support). They playd with the full Basement Jaxx team, dancers, rappers and it was a really big "fiesta".
They never really made it in Germany (no touring etc.). Maybe it's because they do not sound "serious" enough for this country. (file also under: Audio Bullys)
I hope these new songs are part of a new album or maybe they just produced too much music recently...
"Twerk" has all that's good about them: a bouncy vibe, which makes you shake your ass, alongside vocal snippets that remind me of M.I.A., fidgets of Flashdance's "maniac". Sounds like it was produced by Switch? Wrong. Remember who started it!
(Really surprised to not find this on any other blog. I hope it's not because you would have to buy the 12 Inches... Shame on you!)

>>>BASEMENT JAXX - Twerk.mp3


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