Amateur Boys - Bears & Bells Full Moon mix

While Malente is in Greece at the moment, I just had to think about my great night in Athens.
I played at a party called AMATEURPARTY which was hosted by the AMATEUR BOYS.
It was a very cool disconight and they have booked really cool people like RODION, JOAKIM and yes - me (though i am normally not a Disco-Dj).
I was happy to play a bit of a different set there....and the Amatuerboys also played a great Dj-Set. Athens rocks.
Here is a Dj-set from them....and here is some pics from the party where I played in Athens.

Amateurboys - Bears & Bells" Full Moon mix
1. Late of the pier - The bears are coming (Beyond the Wizard Sleave mix) 2. Dominique Leone - Clairevoyage a Medley Performed By the 16th Rebels of Mung 3. Moby - I Love to move in here (Holy Ghost remix) 4. 40 Thieves - Theme from Nutrider Mindtrip 5. The Glimmers - Not Donna 6. Bot'ox - Babylon by Car (Discodeine remix) 7. Simon Baker - Plastik (Todd Terje Turkatech Remix) 8. Chilly - Dance with me 9. Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing (Vincent Markowski Wokalny Dub) 10. Liquid Liquid - Bellhead 11. In Flagranti - Firmly Planted Memories 12. Jump - Funkatarium 13. Photonz - Shaboo (Andy's Edit) 14. Kudu - Hot Lava (Curtis Vodka 2057 remix) 15. International Music System - Runaway 16. Panda Bear - Good Girls/Carots 17. Chic - I Want Your Love (Todd Terje edit)

>>>Amateur Boys - Bears & Bells Full Moon mix



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