Math Head - Turn The Music Up (MALENTE Re-Edit)

Last week I ended my post with: "I'm curious about what happens when I meet Drop The Lime this weekend at Shambhala Festival in Canada." So this week I'll let you know.

Shambs, as they call it, has been mindblowing. Awesome crowd. Great music. I enjoyed every single second when I played the Fractal Forest stage and managed to witness countless great DJ-sets. I hung with Skream, Ursula 1000, Smalltown DJs, Computer Club, The Rub, Flosstradamus, Fort Knox Five, Robb G, The Phat Conductor, Skratch Bastid, DJ Huggs, Bassnectar, Feature Cast, Wax Romeo and... yes: Drop the Lime (Luca) is a good guy. But I can tell you: Not only Luca is... They all are.

It's been my birthday yesterday and to be honest, there could have been no better present for me than to meet, speak to and exchange ideas with all these inspiring musicians. Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm not kissing ass here. I just appreciate good music and good company. It's a common misconception that whenever DJs or musicians meet, they talk about music. In reality it's not very often you get asked "wich synth/sample did you use on this/that track". Might happen once in a while, but in general it's more stories, personal experiences, politics and bullshit. It's just fun to communicate with people that have a similar job or passion or just similar problems. Thanks to all you guys for being there and making my birthday a happy one.

Now I'm sitting in a hotel in Calgary, cause tonight 'll play the afterparty in HiFi Club with A. Skillz. After three days of loud music Adam and me will turn the music up one more time... till firday that is. Check all my spaces of the nice guys and buy the math head 12" because there's four more great tracks/remixes on it, it's on Palms Out Sounds and I love vinyl.

Math Head - Turn The Music Up (MALENTE Re-Edit)

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