JACK TENNIS - Holiday Greetings Mix

I'm a busy man, so this year I had to spent my holidays not far away on my imaginary balcony in my adoped country Berlin. But I had some time to make a new DJ-Mix for you with some nice tunes for the late summer.

This is the tracklist:

1. James Pants feat. Deon Davis - Crystal Lite
2. Badly Drawn Boy - Promises (Reverso 68 Mix)
3. Le Knight Club - Holidays On Ice (Jack Tennis Edit)
4. Cave Bear Cult - Spaghetti Disco (SDC Edit)
5. Kathy Diamond - All Woman
6. Raw DMX - Do It To The Funk (Greg Wilson Edit)
7. Neonman - Nightclubbing (Jack Tennis Remix)
8. Kraak & Smaak - Bobby and Whitney
9. Sebastian Tellier - Kilometer (Jack Tennis Remix)
10. Diskodeine - Joystick
11. Moby - I like To Move In Here (Holy Ghost Remix/Jack Tennis Edit)
12. Waldorf - You're My Disco (Jack Tennis Edit)
13. Gary Low - You Are A Danger (Romeo Erotic Remix)
14. Tek Box - Move Your Hips (Reverso 68 Remix)
15. Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost Extended Disco Dub)
16. The Juan MacLean - Happy House (Trim The Fat Jeans Edit)
17. Wade Nichols - Wanda Rode Again
18. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

JACK TENNIS - Holiday Greetings Mix.mp3


Anonym hat gesagt…


dj supermarkt hat gesagt…

du smooth operator...

na warte bis meiner kommt...

lustigerweise fängt mein mix auch mit james pants an. aber nen anderes stück...

Gut. weiter so!

cunei4m hat gesagt…

Lovely mix...restored my faith in the current music scene. Bangers are great and all, but sometimes you just need good music. This is a perfect transition from summer into the school semester. Thanks!

Anonym hat gesagt…

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?