THE STRIKE BOYS: new banging remix for Näd Mika!

Nuernberg's favorite producers, djs and remixers THE STRIKE BOYS have done it again! Check out their remix for German Electro-Act Näd Mika, which is a funky banger in the style of Fake Blood, Boy 8 Bit etc.. with it's broken beat and this wild bassline. Well, maybe you should know that the Strike Boys did that Breakbeat/Rave influenced sound already way back in the Nineties, when they released their amazing first 12 Inch "The Rhyme" on Wall Of Sound. Check it out! It stills works well today!

(mp3 taken out for copyright reasons/problems of the artist Näd Mika...)


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sonett77 hat gesagt…

Dieser Remix ist geil! Und kommt doch glatt in unsere Rotation! Vielen Dank, dass Ihr den entdeckt habt!