Machines Don't Care - On A Roll Man (MALENTE Re-Edit)

As you might have noticed I always make an effort to find the right picture for my weekly post. For my take on Machines Don't Care I found some great machines not caring at all. Above is a pic I think fits the best to the track I re-edited. Just cross the "On A" out. Then you're left with "Roll Man". And that's the thing to do after using the machine.

The other machines I discovered are as essential as for your future life, so I decided to introduce you to some more machines rather than to write something about the Machnies Don't Care project. As a proper music nerd you should know the story anyway.

The machines are pretty much self-explanatory, so this week not too many words.

Machines Don't Care - On A Roll Man (MALENTE Re-Edit).mp3

If this is not enough machines for you visit the pages below.


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aleks hat gesagt…

no matter which track, your re-edits always feel like the originals on dope, twice as good. i could drag them in my playlists without even checking them before.

you're on a roll, man!