GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL @ Picknick/Berlin

Our "Australian summer" continues next saturday (july 12th) with a show by Gameboy/Gamegirl in Berlin's Picknick Club.
For those of you, who missed SOFT TIGERS at our last party: they were absolutely amazing. For those of you, who were there: yes, sorry, they missed the flights and couldn't play...! (got it?)
We posted this video of "Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp" already ages ago, but for those of you that haven't followed us from the start (shame on you), here it is again. I simply love it, and i guess it represents perfectly the vibe, that is going to explode on stage on saturday!

here is another "HIT" called "Disco House" (Gameboy/Gamegirl are one of these bands that only have HITS. They do not release other songs below that standard!)

>>>GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL - Disco House.mp3


We are really happy to have Berlin's finest DJ & producer HUNEE with us on that same party, together with companion FINN JOHANNSEN. If the wheather is good, they will pamper the outside area of the Picknick Club with their special Disco-Sound.
HUNNE is signed to INTERNASJONAL RECORDS, the label of Prins Thomas! One of the most talented guys in Berlin at the moment, we bb's think!



Anonym hat gesagt…

hey, it's my first time in berlin. how much do i have to pay for this and will i have a chance to get in at about 1am or so?


berlin battery hat gesagt…

hey ho,
it will be not very expensive. about 6 or 7 euros i guess. 1 is a good time to go in. see you on saturday!