THE TING TINGS - Shut up and let me go (DJ Supermarkt shredit)

What a great POP song!!! I've been singing this one for days now (no big surprise that this is the song for the new I-Pod). It has been haunting me in my sleep... (which was a bit disturbing). It's really addictive, like all outstanding pop-tunes. It is rough, catchy, has great "fuck off" lyrics and makes you jump! (It's that simple, isn't it?) I had to do this "dj-friendly" extended version (6 minutes) by cutting it in one thousand pieces and glueing it back together again, so i can play it out in clubs better.
UK Duo THE TING TINGS have an album out called "we started nothing" which has at least five great pop tunes on it, so try it out. This is music strictly for the moment, as all great mainsteam pop music should be! I can also highly recommend the CALVIN HARRIS-remix for "Great Dj", another electropop stomper.

>>>THE TING TINGS - Shut up and let me go (DJ Supermarkt shredit).mp3
(this song is most groovy on the original 108 bpm, but you can speed it up yourself, can't you... lazy bastard)


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