THE TEENAGERS - make it happen (video)

New spacey video for The Teenagers' "Make it happen". It's another song in the new music direction, that the three cute frenchies invented (without knowing...): "romantic-artschool-pop-for-kids-that-are-normally-to-cool-for-emotional-songs". I really like them and their music, especially because they are one of these bands, which you either love or hate, which means they take a risk in their music. (i always fall for these bands). For your extra delight i'll include the TEPR remix (check out fellow frenchmen TEPR, they are amazing) for "Love no" which is definetly the best remix around for The Teenagers (the rest sucks big time in my ears, especially when there are more remixes than songs...)

>>THE TEENAGERS - Love No (TEPR rmx).mp3

oh, and here is the shremix again that i did for "Homecoming". Does it suck? is it good? you never know...

>> THE TEENAGERS - Homecoming (dj supermarkt shremix).mp3

Check them out at the MELT Festival. We will!


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