Aussie Weirdos SOFT TIGERS are one of the many bands that are coming from Down Under at the moment which really have a feeling for doing relaxed, nerdy dancemusic (see also Bumblebeez, Midnight Juggernauts, Muscles etc...). They sound like Beck (Odelay) mixed with 2008 electro-stuff, but s...l...o...w, which makes sense, as i heard it is quite hot in Australia (in winter, don't even mention the summer). They have an album out right now called "Gospel Ambitions", which is great! Don't miss them on the next berlinbattery party (june 20th) at Picknick club in Berlin. And until then: "lets go out and bring KA--RA--AH--TE--YAY back!"

Also watch their funny video for Hit Single (which is no Hit Single) "ICE CREAM" on youtube, which we posted some month ago...)


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