NSM...PSM - Clap your brains off! (Say Hooo! Remix)

Really nice remix we got from Holger aka Say Hooo! (one half of the legendary Le Hammond Inferno) who spends a lot of his time with surfing (actually he lives in Florianopolis,Brazil), producing for Mexican Institute of Sound, remixing and making nice mash-ups (Check out his sweet MGMT-Boot on his myspace).
Now this here is a remix for NSM...PSM. Actually this means NO SOMOS MACHOS - PERO SOMOS MUCHOS! - and as real human beings they just call themselves Kay and Pato.
Guess what - they are from Mexico. Kay is a Dj and performs some vocals with MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND (thats one of the biggest alternative acts from Mexico).
Both of them, Kay and Pato grew up with cassette mixtape culture, early Chicago House and Big Beat. They are as likely to select Elvis as Daft Punk while performing at all the big indie and dance events in Mexico City. Pato owns a store called Beat Box in Puebla outside of Mexico City that carries clothes, sneakers and Kid Robot style toys; while Kay produces trailers for Mexican produced films. "Clap your brains off" will be on their debut EP releases in a few months.
The "Say Hooo!"-Remix is Holger's brazilian takeover with some dangerous Raconteurs guitar samples bombing into the originals Justice electro noise.
Say Hooo! will be also djing at the Man Recordings-Tent at Melt!Festival alongside Bonde do Role, The Count&Sinden, Crookers and many more. Yeehaa!

Check him out at the MELT Festival.

>>NSM...PSM - Clap your brains off! (Say Hooo! Remix)

>>NSM...PSM - Clap your brains off!


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