MGMT - Electric feel (video)

Finally. This is my favorite track on their album, which is my favorite album at the moment. Great, psychedelic pop with a lot of funk. Especially on this track! The video shows a hobbit-rave in the dark forests with hippie-painting games and animals singing (maybe it's live from Narnia..).
"Unfortunately" i saw them Live on thursday at the PRIMAVERA FESTIVAL and they killed everything magic on stage. They sounded like an average "Kreuzberger" Hinterhof Rockband, with out the funky edges, crazy electronic sounds... Really disappointing! No MAGIC at all.
Still the album is amazing! (maybe the producer of the album DAVID FRIDMANN is the man, who made these Hippie guys sound that fresh)


Dennis (Offical) hat gesagt…

Oh, das ist ja blöd. Würde sie auch gerne mal Live sehen, aber dass spar ich mir dann mal lieber und höre weiter das Album rauf und runter.

dj supermarkt hat gesagt…

besser isses...

bis nachher.


Jenster hat gesagt…

MGMT is amazing! I share your exact experience - I saw them live in Berlin were they were quite a disappointment. But this song definetely rocks!