Cobblestone Jazz - Dump Truck

Wow! This tune is so magic. Please dont call it minimal. This is Matthew Johnson at its best. Ready to explode on a mad jazz tip with a heavy subbass that is so warm that everyone just melts away. If I play a bit of a deeper set this is one of my essential tracks. I remember playing it last year at Hive Club in Zürich and the reaction was massive. Yes - of course - this tune isnt new anymore. But i would call COBBLESTONE JAZZ - DUMP TRUCK (WAGON REPAIR) even one of my alltime favourite tracks so far. People just go mental with this one, screaming and asking what the hell of the track this is. I love the moment when the jazzy rhodes solo in the end drops in. A psychedout 8.30 minute trip. When you thought dance music has lost its soul this one sets your heart on fire. One of my essential tunes that works great in my deeper sets. When I heard that Jack Tennis already planned to put this one into his Melt!Minimix for the Melt!-Festival I was a bit sad, cause I wanted to use the same track for my Melt!mix. I have been also doing some edits of this song - using phrases of "Hustler" from SMD. In Fact you can already guess it...this is my personal Melt!Festival-post. Cobblestone Jazz will be performing live at Melt!Festival. Make sure you check it out.

>>Cobblestone Jazz - Dump Truck

Check them out at the MELT Festival.


Alexander Expander hat gesagt…

O mein Gott! Danke dafür! kannte ich noch nicht!

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