MELT FESTIVAL: "I'm melting away"-dj-mini-mix by dj supermarkt

Starting today we are going to post all kinds of music/stories about the MELT FESTIVAL in Graefenhainichen near Dessau/Berlin. We actually have the honour to finish the festival on sunday night, july 20th, which is nice.
I always call Melt "the only spanish festival in Germany", because i needed to see festivals like Benicassim and Primavera in Spain to understand, that festivals are not only about boys in black t-shirts with rockband-logos getting smashed, but can also be about girls or people like me and you...getting smashed.
Besides that, MELT still is a "friends"-festival to me, although it has grown so fast. Lots of bands return again and again (The Streets, Phoenix, me...), because the atmosphere is really special and relaxed. In recent years even the sun seemed to like the festival. Hey, we are talking about Germany!?
So lets enjoy the festival like it is before the english music-hooligans discover it...
This first dj-mix is actually a "FRIEND-Dj-mix": i collected all collaborations i could find, where Melt artists are remixing Melt artists, because that captures to me, what is so special about it. Team spirit. enjoy...


1. Intro: MELT(ing) away
2. FRANZ FERDINAND - Take me out (HOT CHIP rmx)
3. HOT CHIP - One pure thought (SUPERMAYER rmx)
4. UFFIE - First love (MR.OIZO rmx)
6. OPERATOR PLEASE - Song about Ping Pong (KISSY SELL OUT rmx)
7. THE TEENAGERS - Homecoming (DJ SUPERMARKT shremix)
8. THE EDITORS - Camera (DJ SUPERMARKT shremix)
9. BONDE DO ROLE - Office Boy (SHIR KHAN rmx)
10. EDU K - Hot mama (CROOKERS rmx)
11. BOYS NOIZE - Lava Lava (FEADZ rmx)
12. TOMAS ANDERSSON - Washing up (SAY HOOO! bootie)
13. Outro: still MELT(ing).....

>>MELT FESTIVAL: "I'm melting away"-dj-mini-mix by dj supermarkt.mp3

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