Saturday, 24 May is the great Eurovision Song Contest Final in Belgrade. This year with the "No Angels" for Germany, a guy called "Andy Abraham" for the UK and: Sebastian Tellier for France!
The official Eurovision Song Contest website wrote:
"The eccentric entry from France - Divine by Sébastien Tellier - has one of the most interesting settings this year. Sébastien arrives on stage driving a golf buggy and presents his sung with the image of a black sun on the LED projections. Apart from the black sun on the projections, the dominant colours used during the French song are mainly green and orange. He is getting excellent help from his 5 backing singers - four female and one male - who help to lift the song. As the song is totally different from any other of the participating songs this year, it might attract lots of votes! It is definitely an unusual song for a Eurovision Song Contest stage - but then again the Finnish winners Lordi from two years ago had a unique stage presentation as well! It is the first French song ever though in the history of the song contest that is predominantly sung in English and not in French - something which made the headlines of all French newspapers some weeks ago! At the press conference after the rehearsal, Sébastien Tellier told the fans and accredited press that he will complete a world-wide tour after the Eurovision Song Contest, and that he thereafter will start considerations regarding a new album. A journalist asked whether there is a theme associated with Divine, since many all of his prior albums have had some kind of theme. To this, Sébastien replied that this single is about sex, sexuality and love. Despite singing a bit himself, Sébastien's backing singers performed Divine in front of the enthusiastic people in the Press Centre."


SEBASTIAN TELLIER - Kilometer (Jack Tennis Remix).mp3

And here comes another great moment in the history of the contest:
Telex from Belgium in 1980:

TELEX - Eurovision


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jesus! That song from Telex was friggin amazing!

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how good is that song! i want it, and them dance moves were spot on