AUDIO BULLYS - Gimme that punk

Always really liked their records and their style-mishmash between Electro & Breakbeat & The Specials. And, hey, remember that they used this lazy english "rap" way before The Streets. But somehow, here in Germany, they never really made it. Now they're back with another catchy banger. This is raw, but Pop, and you can dance to it, and, i guess, a lot of people in the UK this festival season will get absolutely smashed on this tune. There are some more new songs on their myspace page, which all sound very AUDIOBULLYS...
For me their first 12 Inch (with "Real life" and "Hit the ceiling") ages ago on SOURCE records really was something very special. I'm still playing it sometimes these days. It's absolutely timeless.
The video was directed by Mister "PUNK" himself DON LETTS. He was the guy that introduced Punk-bands like The Clash to Reggae & Dub (he was a DJ at that time) and he did some really great documentaries on Punk ("punk attitude" is absolutely essential to lovers of Punk). Enjoy.

>>Audio Bullys - Gimme that Punk.mp3 (zshare)
(this mp3 is a special version with all kinds of weird samples thrown in of the bands that are mentioned...)


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