SCENARIO ROCK - Skitzo Dancer (TV Rock vs Dirty South rmx)

Paris, again... Scenario Rock anyone? No? never heard of them? Of course you have. SR is Mehdi Pinson, who is also the voice in JUSTICE's latest single DVNO. Enough said? More? Well, some of you might still remember the times when Justice was an obscure Duo from Paris who released an obscure sounding 12 Inch called "we are your friends" on an obscure french label called "ED BANGER", where they were singing the line "We are your friends" (of course they didn't, it was a sample from Source-band Simian - now better known as SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO - but just a few people knew back then, because both acts were rather obscure at that time. Actually i often play the original SIMIAN-song and there is always people asking who did this coverversion of the JUSTICE song...). Next thing that Justice did was a crazy remix for... you guessed it: "Skitzo Dancer" by Scenario Rock. It was groundbreaking at the time for it's distorted, riot party-electro-sound. SR released an album after that, which is not exciting at all (might explain why they never got a bigger audience). But now they are back with a new album called HISTRIONICS, which is supposed to be a big shot between Justice and Phoenix (I'll check it out).
Some time ago SR came back with some more remixes for their first and only hit SKITZO DANCER, and i must say i completely forgot about this huge remix by TV ROCK vs DIRTY SOUTH, which is an insane Electro/Nu-Rave-BOMB. But in recent DJ-sets it turns to be the song, that people go mad to most! So i thought you might need it, too. There is a great RIIIIOOOOOT-SCREAMING-part in the middle... very DISCO-HOOLIGAN!


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