He's back! Damian Harris, Mr. Skint Records, best friend of Fatboy Slim, Brightons biggest (well also in size) celebrity. In the 90s he invented Big Beat, which - to me - in the end was just the beginning of today's Eletro/Nu-Rave/Ed Banger-style, because it was all about clubmusic mixed with Rock-attitude and the aim for the BIGGEST PARTY!) No wonder where Damian moved after qutting Skint? To Paris where he met the Ed Bangers. Since then he is working on his second album (quite delayed...Mister!) and this is the first single form it, and WHAT A STOMPER! Not remixed by Justice/Soulwax, but produced by the dreamteam! An that's a bit what it sounds like. Big Beat produced by Soulwax/Justice. The great vocals come from Vila of the Bumblebeez. Party Alarm! Love it! Wonder when Bentley Rhythm Ace return with a new album...


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