KNARF RELLÖM TRINITY - Einbildung ist auch ne Bildung (DJ Supermarkt's Ignition shredit/shremix)

Just finished this (sh)remix/(sh)redit for Hamburg's Polit-Disco-Re(a)volutionaries KNARF RELLÖM TRINITY. It's very DISCO, so be careful! "The king is gone, but he's not forgotten, this is the story of Johnny Rotten"... This will be out on 12 Inch one day with another remix by Cologne's nicest man/writer/dj/producer Hans Nieswandt (ex-Whirlpool Production with Justus Koehnke and Eric D. Clark). He has put his magic hands on "LCD is playing in my house", another great song. You can listen to it on Hans Nieswandt's myspace.


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