JIM NOIR - All right

Finally. Jim Noir is back. Makes me really happy, beause i am sure that his new album will be as heartwarming as the classic last one "Tower of love" (one of the albums, i would take on the island, if...blabla). He became a bit famous in 2006, because one of his songs "Eanie Meany" was the music to this Adidas "Boltzplatz" football TV commercial during the European Championship. Everybody knows that song, but i am afraid nobody here knows it's from this english genius in the tradition of The Kinks/Beatles/Blur. This song is the first taster of his second album, coming in april (and part of a 4 track 7 Inch). Jim Noir's music is so full of heart and old english humour, it makes me - literally - smile and feel good. "All right" is this tyical "little" tune and has everything a Jim Noir tune has: amazing melody, great vocal harmonies, lush orchestration and sugar for the ears! I also really fell in love with the video about a wooden puppet saving a robot from Aliens who stole it... (what a story). Actually he used the puppet already in the video for "Ordinary man", so if you like it as much as i do, watch it at youtube. Have a taste of this hugely talented guy and quickly go buy "Tower of love", if you don't have it yet.

JIM NOIR - All right (mp3)


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