EL GUINCHO - Palmitos Park

Forget Baile-Funk, here comes BARCA-FUNK. It's been ages since there was something remarkable musically reaching out of spain to the rest of the world, besides horrific-summer-drinking-songs (Las Ketchup...). EL GUINCHO comes from Barcelona, which is even more remarkable, because if you have been there: the whole city is so busy partying, it is impossible to spend your time with other things like making music... But he made it, and - boom - people/labels all over Europe/USA and Southamerica are jumping on his train. His music - as all really unique music - is hard to describe and nobody else does that stuff. He samples and loops weird traditional spanish/southamerican music (besides Dub, Reggaeton and other strange sounds) and then turns them into pop-songs by singing hypnotic pop-tunes on top of it. Imagine Beck (well even Manu Chao, i must say...sorry) fronting Senor Coconuts band.. well, not really. To me he invented a new music-direction: DISTRURBING ANTHEM-POP, because his songs are on one hand really uplifting and on the other hand really weird. As i say, hard to describe, but truely hypnotic. Check it out yourself on:

P.S.: you can check out El Guincho on may 29th at the PRIMAVERA FESTIVAL/Barcelona on the VICE stage followed by a berlinbattery DJ package (Shir Khan, Dj Supermarkt & Malente)

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der soll der killer aufm sxsw-festival gewesen sein. freu mich schon. shirk