BUTTERFLY COLLECTOR#02 ( a compilation of weird but beautiful new POP by dj supermarkt)

Man, it's already more than 4 month since i posted the first BUTTERFLY COLLECTOR compilation. So no big surprise i had to chose between 35 songs - that i really love - this time. These are THE! 17 songs i heard recently, that i think you all should know ("You Know it" from Republic of Loose is the only song that is a bit older, but - as you know - i have a private mission to make this band more popular). Promised, i will do a butterfly collector every month now. It's easier for me and you... Musically this time it floats all around this: Flaming Lips, Beck, Kriss Kross, Dusty Springfield, Beach Boys, Madness, Hot Chip, Blur, Kinks, Serge Gainsbourg, Steely Dan and a traditional band from Mali... (well... more or less, find out yourself). By popular demand i did not mix the tracks this time, but just compiled them as a ZIP-file (90mb).

01. REPUBLIC OF LOOSE - You know it
02. LYKKE LI - A little bit
03. THE SUPERIMPOSERS - Hand me downs
05. MGMT - Electric Feel
06. NEON NEON - I lust you (feat. Cate Lebon)
07. GUILLEMOTS - Kriss Kross
08. COCOON - On my way
09. LEON JEAN MARIE - Bed of nails
10. VAMPIRE WEEKEND - Oxford Comma
11. JIM NOIR - All right
12. WAX STAG - Short road
13. PRINCIPLES OF GEOMETRY (feat. Sebastien Tellier) - A mountain for president
15. GIDEON CONN - I want you around
16. PALLADIUM - Goodbye
17. THE AUTUMN DEFENSE - Feel me now

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Anderl hat gesagt…

Äh, Track #7 ist doch nicht GUILLEMOTS - Kriss Kross.

Mich würd interessieren von wem das ist, gefällt mir nämlich sehr gut.

Anderl hat gesagt…

Habs selber rausgefunden.

T. - Dancing Together