FLAIRS - Better than Prince

He's french but lived in the english suburbs of Staines for a while (the shithole where Hard-Fi come from..) and maybe that's the best way to describe his sound: take the electro/disco parts from France, add the cockney irony of Staines and you have: FLAIRS. Last years "truckers delight" for me was one of the weirdest, but most hypnotic, catchy club-songs with it's massive ESG-like groove, spacey synth sounds and raw energy (I am still dreaming of clubs where this is the peaktime-sound). Now Monsieur Lionel Flairs rereleased his first single "Better than Prince" with some really cool remixes by Benjamin (Kitsuné), 25HRS A Day and Alavi (reRoX, the 12 Inch is actually out on Alavi's label roXour) plus the massive "Truckers Delight". This is ESSENTIAL.

>>FLAIRS - Better than Prince.mp3



Über-Great popsong by a great band with a great video produced by (great) Erol Alkan with guest vocals by great folksinger Laura Marling. Well, comes very close to perfection in my eyes/ears. They have an album coming called "Twenty-One" which completely blew me away. This is MY POP! If you like Orange Juice, Franz Ferdinand and the pop songs of Madness: this is for you! Simply LOVE IT! (there is an album-sampler you can listen to at their myspace, if you don't beleive my words...as they are hard to beleive...)


Adam Sky vs Mark Stewart - We are all Prostitutes VIDEO

Well - actually I forgot to post this here. Angie Reed did a nice 3d-comic video for ADAM SKY VS MARK STEWART - WE ARE ALL PROSTITUTES (CROOKERS RMX). This came out last year on my label EXPLOITED. This is still a big track....Just google CROOKERS, SOULWAX X-MAS@Youtube and you can see thousands of people going nuts at the SOULWAX XMAS-party when this tune is dropped.

Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter (Shir Khan Rmx)

Here is a remix for Princess Superstar I did last year. Actually it was for that song that made Princess famous in 2002.
It was kinda hard for me to play around with the vocals since the tempo of the original track wasnt exactly the thing I was looking for and the flow of the rap was kinda hard to get into my remix. So I only used a few words: "junk food, kung fu, egg fu, Dig Dug, a dog too"....This is supposed to come out in Australia on some weird compilation I believe. However - maybe there will be a 12inch...but I am not sure. So grab it while you can.

Purple Crush vs Audioporno - The Disco Itch (Shir Khan Rmx)

Here is an older remix that was supposed to come out on Audiopornos Label Yuhzimi. When I heard the original tune down under in Bern, I just had to remix this track. This is a track Audioporno did together with Purple Crush from New York who I just met in NYC for some dinner and partying. Actually, I also remixed their current Single "Shopping on Danceflooor" (hear it on my myspace-player) which gets a proper Digital Release with new Remixes. In April you should be able to purchase the mp3 at Turntable Lab ect. Funnily enough, I also met the inventor of Electroclash in Brooklyn: Larry Tee. And Larry just said to me: "Great Shopping on the dancefloor remix, Shir Khan! I already sampled your bassline!" Wow - many thanks Larry. However - back to Audioporno - these guys have been killing it at their parties in Bern. Together with the Roundtable Knights they are still my favourite Djs. I just got their new Choo Choo-Tune with Remixes from Tacteel and the Bloody Beetroots and this is so good. Well - but not exactly the first thing Audioporno wanna put out on their label Yuhzimi. Same as for the Purple Crush release on Audiopornos label, they are keeping it a secret which will be the first release...So I am gonna share this one with you.


27.3. MELTKLUB in Berlin cancelled; 28.3. Hamburg happening


sad, but true. Tomorrow's MELTKLUB Party is cancelled because Supermayer can not play (Mister Superpitcher is ill). Hadouken is playing instead in Magnet Club Berlin. Hamburg is still happening with a DJ set by Michael Mayer instead of SUPERMAYER live.

Sue Teller Mashes It Up

JAMIE LIDELL - Little bit of feelgood

Jamie Lidell is back. And he still has a LOT OF SOUL to give (for a white boy...in Berlin...on Warp records)! The song is taken from his upcoming album 'JIM' which will be out 28/29th of April. Hey...psssst!....you can download the vocals of "little bit of feelgood" on his myspace for a remix-contest.

>>JAMIE LIDELL - Little bit of feelgood.mp3


Gary's Gang - Do it at the disco

I was just in New York and hung out some time with Diskokaine. Actually he made me aware of this record. He just bought it at this second hand store in Brooklyn called "The Thing" - lots of old records...all sorted in no order...and actually he found this:
GARY'S GANG - DO IT AT THE DISCO: A completely underrated 70s disco record. Well - but since Mr.Oizo borrowed some vocal and saxophone loops for his track "Patrick122", there might be a demand for a Reissue of the orginal GARY'S GANG - Tune.
More info on Gary's Gang here: http://www.discomuseum.com/GarysGang.html
I will feature this track next week in my radioshow on Fritz as the classic tune of the week. Dont forget to show some radiolove. I have some good guests plus interviews coming with Headman, Oliver $, Sinden.....the list goes on.
More info here: http://www.fritz.de/_/programm/soundgarden/abend/detail_jsp/key=129248.html
There is also a stream if you dont have a radio at home.


SANTOGOLD - L.E.S. Artistes (video)

If you like M.I.A., this one's for you. Brooklyn singer SANTOGOLD is teaming up with producer Switch (and more big names) to send us on a dubby "Indie-club-rap"-Trip. This song here represents more the "Indie-side", but only compared to her dubby, roots-stuff. The video is really strong. Equally stylish/colorful and disturbing/fucked up.



10 years of BUNGALOW CLUB-POP revisited: 1998 - 2008! ( a dj-mix by DJ Supermarkt)

Did this DJ-mix for a book on Berlin, which is going to be published soon with 4 extra-CDs (this is one of them). Kind of sums up the club-pop-side of le hammond inferno's label BUNGALOW RECORDS (oh, actually that's Holger & me...). It was great fun making the mix because a lot of memories came up (mostly good ones...). It's hard to imagine today with music from electronic pop-acts like Justice, Soulwax, Klaxons etc.. all over good dancefloors, that in the nineties people tried to kill you for playing songs with guitars and too much vocals on it in clubs. Well, we survived! I hope you enjoy this mix of Soft-Disco, Electrofunk, Breakbeats, Electropop from all over the world (here: Berlin, Tokyo, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Belfast, Kopenhagen, Vienna and Mexico City) as much as i do.

01. Outfit - 1st Outfit
02. Losfeld – New Balance
03. The Maxwell Implosion – Follow My Riddim (Ben Human rmx)
04. Fluffy Target - Do It
05. Katerine – 100% V.I.P. (DJ Supermarkt rmx)
06. Dana & Siriusmo – Ick hab wat bessret vor...
07. Le Hammond Inferno – Move your Mp3 (extended version)
08. Dauerfisch – Ride my bike (Machine Gun Ibiza-mix)
09. Peter Thomas vs Maxwell Implosion – Warp back to earth
10. Olympic Lifts – And the winner is (Jupiter Ace rmx)
11. Mina - Desktop (Ian Pooley rmx)
12. Namosh – The pulse (whomadewho rmx)
13. Le Hammond Inferno – Not on the guestlist (Malente rmx)
14. Le Hammond Inferno – Margret Evening Fashion (LHI vs Copasetic mix)
15. Jack Tennis – Propeller
16. Chips - So Chique!
17. Los Fancy Free – Voltage is ok (Siriusmo rmx)
18. Dauerfisch - Bitte gehen sie weiter
19. Stereo Total - Wir tanzen im 4eck (Christopher Just rmx)

>>bungalow clubpop revisited: dj mix by DJ Supermarkt (ZIP/94mb)



IVAN REBROFF's brother shot ANTOINE DE SAINT EXUPERY's plane down

News sometimes are so weird, if you would invent them, people would tell you to shut up with this surreal nonsense. Now this: Ivan Rebroff's (remember we posted a small message on his death some time ago:IVAN REBROFF IS DEAD!) brother Horst Rippert is now revealing in a book, that he thinks he shot down the plane of french writer ANTOINE DE SAINT EXUPERY (remember "The Small Prince, Le Petite prince, Der Kleine Prinz") on july 31st 1944. The Messerschmidt pilot, now 88, said he would have held his fire if he had known the man flying the Lightning fighter was the French novelist, because he adored his work. Saint Exupery disappeared on that day, because his plane crashed into the mediterranean sea. Later his golden armband was found by a fisherman and his plane by a diver. But until this day there is no trace of the author. Weird? Yes! Especially when you are German and have this connection to his brother Ivan Rebroff...

THE YOUNG PUNX - It doesn't stop

Michael Jackson samples are ruling the indie-club-world again. After Hervé used "Thriller" on "Cheap thrills", now The Young Punx give it a go with a cheesy electro-house version (here the instrumental) of the unforgettable brass-hook of "Don't stop till you get enough" by Michael Jackson (actually both samples sound quite similar, i just found out... cause i mixed them up first). This one will make people either dance and scream or throw hard things at the DJ, i promise (love these tracks). This is as explosive as Hervé's version but way more dangerous for the style-Police. I will play it anyway. Take a shit on the club-art-police! Hopefully these two tracks will tell Michael Jackson where to go in the future musicwise, as he obviously needs some money (and redirection) nowadays...
The Young Punx are from London and are signed to Southern Fried Records (the label, where Fatboy Slim is burning his millions) and is a typical example of the label: always on the narrow road between cool club bombs and ugly, cheesy Ibiza-club-stompers. On the label there are a.o. the great Black Ghosts, Crookers and Armand van Helden. The Young Punx have an album coming up in august called "your music is killing me", which in my ears unfortunately goes too much in the Ibiza-handbag-electrohouse direction (i would appreciate an instrumental version of the album...). There is a completly ugly version of "it doesn't stop" on it with a female soul-singer. uuuhhh!

Oh, and some time ago i posted their AMAZING Rave-Electro-House remix for Sonny J's " i can't stop moving". here it is again:

SONNY J - i can't stop moving (Young Punx rmx).mp3



SEBASTIEN TELLIER to represent France at the European Grand Prix

France has always been a completely unique and different country musicwise. People like Serge Gainsbourg could only be Icons in a country like France (i often go to the countryside in France and i can have a long conversation with the next door farmer about two things: football and the music of Gainsbourg, as he is a huge fan...). I guess Gainsbourg would have ended up in jail in Germany or as a hated outlaw person like Klaus Kinski. So now Sebastien Tellier is representing France with his song "Divine" at this years EUROPEAN GRAND PRIX. It's such a good song, it will be a nice experiment to see what a great song (for a change) can reach/or not reach at this crazy tournament. I am really jealous. Well, at least he looks as excentric as many of recent winners...

As we have the rule to only post one song of an artist's album that we like (which was KILOMETER some time ago), we give you a link to his myspace page where you can listen to the chosen song DIVINE...


BUTTERFLY COLLECTOR#02 ( a compilation of weird but beautiful new POP by dj supermarkt)

Man, it's already more than 4 month since i posted the first BUTTERFLY COLLECTOR compilation. So no big surprise i had to chose between 35 songs - that i really love - this time. These are THE! 17 songs i heard recently, that i think you all should know ("You Know it" from Republic of Loose is the only song that is a bit older, but - as you know - i have a private mission to make this band more popular). Promised, i will do a butterfly collector every month now. It's easier for me and you... Musically this time it floats all around this: Flaming Lips, Beck, Kriss Kross, Dusty Springfield, Beach Boys, Madness, Hot Chip, Blur, Kinks, Serge Gainsbourg, Steely Dan and a traditional band from Mali... (well... more or less, find out yourself). By popular demand i did not mix the tracks this time, but just compiled them as a ZIP-file (90mb).

01. REPUBLIC OF LOOSE - You know it
02. LYKKE LI - A little bit
03. THE SUPERIMPOSERS - Hand me downs
05. MGMT - Electric Feel
06. NEON NEON - I lust you (feat. Cate Lebon)
07. GUILLEMOTS - Kriss Kross
08. COCOON - On my way
09. LEON JEAN MARIE - Bed of nails
10. VAMPIRE WEEKEND - Oxford Comma
11. JIM NOIR - All right
12. WAX STAG - Short road
13. PRINCIPLES OF GEOMETRY (feat. Sebastien Tellier) - A mountain for president
15. GIDEON CONN - I want you around
16. PALLADIUM - Goodbye
17. THE AUTUMN DEFENSE - Feel me now

if you dig this music selection you should also check out:

butterfly collector#01



He's back! Damian Harris, Mr. Skint Records, best friend of Fatboy Slim, Brightons biggest (well also in size) celebrity. In the 90s he invented Big Beat, which - to me - in the end was just the beginning of today's Eletro/Nu-Rave/Ed Banger-style, because it was all about clubmusic mixed with Rock-attitude and the aim for the BIGGEST PARTY!) No wonder where Damian moved after qutting Skint? To Paris where he met the Ed Bangers. Since then he is working on his second album (quite delayed...Mister!) and this is the first single form it, and WHAT A STOMPER! Not remixed by Justice/Soulwax, but produced by the dreamteam! An that's a bit what it sounds like. Big Beat produced by Soulwax/Justice. The great vocals come from Vila of the Bumblebeez. Party Alarm! Love it! Wonder when Bentley Rhythm Ace return with a new album...


CSK OK - are you ok?

There is a flood of extremely talented Electro-kids (see SHAZAM) coming from all over the world who must have been listening to Soulwax/2 Many Djs/Justice when they were still shitting their pants... Here is another one from Australia. This bloke's from Sydney (well, aren't they all from Sydney nowadays..! No, some are from Melbourne...) and he already remixed ZZZ, Bag Raiders, Like Woah! etc. This Electro-funk-tune will really get you shaking. Looks like a bright future ahead for all of us, who like banging-but-funky Electro! There are some really funny fotos of him deejaying/playing live with a guitar, so his Live-shows should be ace, too.



THE TEENAGERS - Love No (Tepr rmx)

The French Dream Team: Teenagers vs Tepr! You must know about The Teenagers by now, but The DatA rmx of "MINUIT Jacuzzi" by TEPR (Wall Of Sound) is extremly existential, too!
Get it!


and here's the video for the original track by The Teenagers:

SCENARIO ROCK - Skitzo Dancer (TV Rock vs Dirty South rmx)

Paris, again... Scenario Rock anyone? No? never heard of them? Of course you have. SR is Mehdi Pinson, who is also the voice in JUSTICE's latest single DVNO. Enough said? More? Well, some of you might still remember the times when Justice was an obscure Duo from Paris who released an obscure sounding 12 Inch called "we are your friends" on an obscure french label called "ED BANGER", where they were singing the line "We are your friends" (of course they didn't, it was a sample from Source-band Simian - now better known as SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO - but just a few people knew back then, because both acts were rather obscure at that time. Actually i often play the original SIMIAN-song and there is always people asking who did this coverversion of the JUSTICE song...). Next thing that Justice did was a crazy remix for... you guessed it: "Skitzo Dancer" by Scenario Rock. It was groundbreaking at the time for it's distorted, riot party-electro-sound. SR released an album after that, which is not exciting at all (might explain why they never got a bigger audience). But now they are back with a new album called HISTRIONICS, which is supposed to be a big shot between Justice and Phoenix (I'll check it out).
Some time ago SR came back with some more remixes for their first and only hit SKITZO DANCER, and i must say i completely forgot about this huge remix by TV ROCK vs DIRTY SOUTH, which is an insane Electro/Nu-Rave-BOMB. But in recent DJ-sets it turns to be the song, that people go mad to most! So i thought you might need it, too. There is a great RIIIIOOOOOT-SCREAMING-part in the middle... very DISCO-HOOLIGAN!



EL GUINCHO - Palmitos Park

Forget Baile-Funk, here comes BARCA-FUNK. It's been ages since there was something remarkable musically reaching out of spain to the rest of the world, besides horrific-summer-drinking-songs (Las Ketchup...). EL GUINCHO comes from Barcelona, which is even more remarkable, because if you have been there: the whole city is so busy partying, it is impossible to spend your time with other things like making music... But he made it, and - boom - people/labels all over Europe/USA and Southamerica are jumping on his train. His music - as all really unique music - is hard to describe and nobody else does that stuff. He samples and loops weird traditional spanish/southamerican music (besides Dub, Reggaeton and other strange sounds) and then turns them into pop-songs by singing hypnotic pop-tunes on top of it. Imagine Beck (well even Manu Chao, i must say...sorry) fronting Senor Coconuts band.. well, not really. To me he invented a new music-direction: DISTRURBING ANTHEM-POP, because his songs are on one hand really uplifting and on the other hand really weird. As i say, hard to describe, but truely hypnotic. Check it out yourself on:

P.S.: you can check out El Guincho on may 29th at the PRIMAVERA FESTIVAL/Barcelona on the VICE stage followed by a berlinbattery DJ package (Shir Khan, Dj Supermarkt & Malente)

JIM NOIR - All right

Finally. Jim Noir is back. Makes me really happy, beause i am sure that his new album will be as heartwarming as the classic last one "Tower of love" (one of the albums, i would take on the island, if...blabla). He became a bit famous in 2006, because one of his songs "Eanie Meany" was the music to this Adidas "Boltzplatz" football TV commercial during the European Championship. Everybody knows that song, but i am afraid nobody here knows it's from this english genius in the tradition of The Kinks/Beatles/Blur. This song is the first taster of his second album, coming in april (and part of a 4 track 7 Inch). Jim Noir's music is so full of heart and old english humour, it makes me - literally - smile and feel good. "All right" is this tyical "little" tune and has everything a Jim Noir tune has: amazing melody, great vocal harmonies, lush orchestration and sugar for the ears! I also really fell in love with the video about a wooden puppet saving a robot from Aliens who stole it... (what a story). Actually he used the puppet already in the video for "Ordinary man", so if you like it as much as i do, watch it at youtube. Have a taste of this hugely talented guy and quickly go buy "Tower of love", if you don't have it yet.

JIM NOIR - All right (mp3)




MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND is one of the craziest things coming out of Mexico for some time (well, since Silverio, i guess...). Camilo Lara tries an extremly entertaining fusion of electronic, dubby beats/sounds with traditional Latin music, including Colombian cumbia and Cuban Chacha... It's like a vulcano of screaming trumpets. Sounds a bit like Aphex Twin on mescal played by Esquivel, Herb Alpert & Speedy Gonzales. Camilo also was the brainchild of Mexico's influential label SUAVE. His last album PINATA was a big success in Mexico and will be released in Europe by Cooking Vinyl soon. It was produced by Holger from Le hammond inferno. Oh, by the way... Camilo did a remix for le hammond inferno for the Mexican release of the album "My first political dance album". The remix was like a "STARS on 45"-mix-thing and was never officially released. Finally here you can get it for the first time...




GONZALES - Working Together (Boys Noize rmx)

We at Berlinbattery are really waiting for GONZALES' new album SOFT POWER. Well, it's not there yet, so in the meantime have a listen to this really groovy new ELECTRO-DISCO-remix of "Working together" by Monsieur Boys Noize. Reminds me of his remix for Cut Copy, as it has this modern electro-sound, as well as a really great, slick, warm DISCO-feel. Sounds a bit like the disco-side of JUSTICE... Berlin is the new Paris? or Paris is the new Berlin? aah..Whatever!



SOULWAX/2 MANY DJS in studio

this is a really interesting visit in SOULWAX's studio in the mighty city of GENT. You can actually see and hear, what makes them so special/diffrent to all those other electronic artists, that simply work with computer/presets. They love "faulty" sounds out of vintage synthesizers. And they do not like to do it "THE EASY WAY"...

also: find the hidden bungalow 12 Inch cover....


MAWKISH-GLITCH-SPILLER - Formula Futuro (Spiller/Glitch rmx)

Don't know much about this, besides, it's a German/Italian coproduction and it will be a dangerous ass-shaker on the disco-dancefloor. Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it a huge electro-disco-bomb? Remember SPILLER's "Groovejet"? This is an even bigger shaker... you can download it here



HADOUKEN - That Boy That Girl (video)

UK Electro-NuRave-Rap-Combo are set to take over this year with their first album MUSIC FOR AN ACCELERATED CULTURE coming very soon. Imagine DEVO mixed with THE STREETS and you're not halfway there. Great video. They are playing in Germany:

26.03. (Berlin/Maria)
27.03. (Hamburg/Uebel & Gefährlich)
... oh, and Kompakt supergroup SUPERMAYER will play there too, and if that's not enough: (double)oh....your dear friends from berlinbattery will be deejaying on both shows/parties! See you there.


ALPHABEAT - Fascination (video)

This really makes me smile!!!! This should be on daytime Radio everywhere because it screams "i'm walking on sunshine, ooooohhhhhhh" (Remember KATRINA AND THE WAVES???) out of the speakers! Sounds a bit like JUNIOR SENIOR produced by Nile Rodgers and has that Motown-sound (played the eighties style like Bangles, David Bowie, Wham...). Of couse they are from Denmark. Looks like Junior Senior really influenced a whole new Generation of POP-bands (see also OH NO ONO). There is a 12 Inch around with really cool remixes by the right people: LINUS LOVES & the men of the moment: COUNT OF MONTE CRISTAL & SINDEN that you can get here: piccadilly records



I was soooo looking forward to listening to Sebastien Tellier's new album, i ran into the shop and bought the vinyl (which i had to give back, because it sounds like a fleemarket record, that somebody dumped Cola on...I hope it's only my copy) But then musically i have to say that it is not "the big album" that i expected. There are truely AMAZING songs on it (for example this one "Kilometer"), that sound like a mix of PHOENIX and SERGE GAINSBOURG in his "sea, sex and sun"-era, produced by Pharrell. But then there are several songs, which just breeze through my ears (and mainly out on the other side). I guess thats what he calls "balearic" (cosmic) about his music, but to me they just "dudel" along and just don't go anywhere. I am not a fan of all that Cosmic-Stuff (Lindstrom, Prins Thomas etc...) anyway, because i think it is often pointless and "Hippyish" in a real bad Ibiza-way with these over-over-overlayering Synth-sounds, you would have been kicked out of the dj booth for some time ago... So, make up your own mind. He is and stays a true genius, but i prefer his Pop-side... and wait some more time for his difficult fourth album.

The Menu - Moss Eisley Canape (Tartelet Edit)

This track is an edit of a track called Moss Eisley Canape made by the
Menu.. the original is from the movie Star Wars 1.
The track is played by this really cool alien band in a bar called
the Moss Eisley cantina.. It´s on the planet Tatooine.. so
nerdy ; ). Well....is this another "Heater"? It just doesnt go out of my head anymore.
This edit was made by our Copenhagen friends Tomboy&Fredski aka Tartelet.They just launched a label and they have good stuff coming up.

Berlin Battery Party@Villa

After the succes at Crush alongside Breakbot we have another party.
This Saturday we have our friends from Zombie Disco Squad over. Bloggers from the 1st generation and great djs as well.
They have a bunch of cool remixes coming up for artists like Wiley, Fagget Faireys, Crystal Fighters, The Ghost Frequency, Gameboy/gamegirl ect..

Okay - nuff said. This saturday at VILLA, Berlin - Landsberger Allee......you know the deal!


NEON NEON - I lust U (video)

New project of Cardiff weirdo GRUFF RHYS (singer of Super Furry Animals) and US-electronic-wizzard BOOM BIP. This is their dreamy (first) new electropop single with Gruff on vocals in a duett with a girl-singer (not sure who it is...). It's all about tentacles.... The album "Stainless Style" will be out on march 18th on LEX Records and i hope it's as good as this single.



KNARF RELLÖM TRINITY - Einbildung ist auch ne Bildung (DJ Supermarkt's Ignition shredit/shremix)

Just finished this (sh)remix/(sh)redit for Hamburg's Polit-Disco-Re(a)volutionaries KNARF RELLÖM TRINITY. It's very DISCO, so be careful! "The king is gone, but he's not forgotten, this is the story of Johnny Rotten"... This will be out on 12 Inch one day with another remix by Cologne's nicest man/writer/dj/producer Hans Nieswandt (ex-Whirlpool Production with Justus Koehnke and Eric D. Clark). He has put his magic hands on "LCD is playing in my house", another great song. You can listen to it on Hans Nieswandt's myspace.


LÜTZENKIRCHEN - drei tage wach (video)

Wow! i am kind of torn between total disgust and sheer fascination on the catchy idea of this one. This will without any doubt be the hymn of this years electronic festivals/clubs. For those of you not familiar with the German language. The song translates "Three days awake!" and sums up the vibe of the average Berlin afterhours and especially the weird ideas that come into the minds of people on drugs for three days. The words are actually really funny, the whole idea is really really stupid, but there's something i like about it... Make up your own mind!
There is a second video with two guys in animal costumes...if you like.