MUSCLES - Sweaty (SHAZAM rmx)

Unbeleivable! Shazam is just 17 years old and drops a remix for Muscles that is so funky Prince-meets-nu-fidget-french-house, it will make dancers go mad! Reminds me a lot of the overfunky DatA-remix for "Minuit Jacuzzi" by TEPR on Wall of Sound. You can get the new Muscles 12 Inch via Modular records, a great package as usual with another remix by Juan Maclean.... There is a couple of other tracks you can listen to at SHAZAM's myspace-page and one more track to download called "Pool Party" which is a burner, too (check Discodust for it). Just surprisingly found out, that MUSCLES already have an album out called "Guns Babes Lemonade" , which i have to check out...




naaanuuu hat gesagt…

yeah. pool party is a blaster! shazam!

ce hat gesagt…

Heard the Remix first: Great !!!!
Could be a Chartbraker
And then I hear the Original Song:
WTF????? Holy Crap !!!! OMG very bad Song :D