GONZALES - Slow Down (the singing lesson-video)

Really funny video featuring an amazing new track by Ex-Berliner-Canadien-now-Parisien Gonzales from his upcoming new album "soft power". The story: Gonzales gets forced by his record company to do some singing lessons for his new album. He ends up with an elderly french opera-madame to practice and from then on things turn... diffrent then expected. Great idea and honestly the best song i heard so far by Monsieur Gonzales (and he already did some great stuff). The real song can be heard only the last 30 seconds and it is worth the wait, because the sun strats to shine!. There is also a rmx-verion with Teki Latex on myspace. His new album seems to dig deep into softpopsoul territory. Sort of Ben Folds meets Gilbert O Sullivan meets the Doobie Brothers. Big Music! There is another album-teaser on youtube for the song "working together".



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