THIEVES LIKE US - Drugs in my body (Amari Night members Club rmx)

the original version of "Drugs in my body" was out on Kitsune some time ago and missed a bit of punch/spice in my humble opinion. Now the guys from Amari Night Members Club turn the original into a bouncy Piano-disco-electro-bumper. Comes in the same style as the stuff on "Italians do it better" (Chromatics, Glass Candy), just with a much bigger bounce-factor. And that's no big surprise, as these guys are another great pack from Italy/Udine. There is new life in Italy's music after a long period of silence, thanks to rediscovering the past: Italo-Disco. (by the way: you must be mad or italian to have this photo as your profile...)


Dennis hat gesagt…

Ich hätte da auch noch eine Remix im Angebot!


Jiniuz hat gesagt…

auf meinem blog gibts zu dem track auch noch nen remix von den sexinvaders: