DIBIDIM - Don't play with the gun

Sometimes nowadays it is hard to understand why suddenly one amazing band (take HOT CHIP) is everybody's darling and others are lost out there in space (with a poor 9000 visitors on their myspace-page!!!) DIBIDIM are a duo from Norway and they are truely amazing. Imagine the fluffy sound of the very best early AIR songs, the very best ROYKSOPP songs and a bit of HOT CHIP, all produced by Thomas Dolby! I came across their 7 inch "Don't play with that gun" years ago and it blew me away and since then.... well, silence. And then suddenly i read that there is an album. But i could not find it anywhere, till it finally one day was available through www.piccadillyrecords.com (and still is, so run!) just to find out they produced it themselves without a label... Hello? Any label still out there with a bit of taste? It is called "Riders" and it is the sort of album you would tape for your girlfriend (well if you have one). The music is flying somewhere in space on some fluffy cloud and their millions of melodies (in one song) made me addicted in seconds. "Don't play with the gun" is also on it. I really like the way it builds slowly and then turns into a discofied pop song, that could be produced by the Toddterjelindstromprinsthomas-possee, just... with a tune, all these would kill for. Support these guys!!!

buy it here: www.piccadillyrecords.com


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Hey hey..!
Dibidim's Album and 2 of 7" are released in Japan.
From Everyconversation Records. You know Escalator Records.