CHUCK WOOD - seven days too long (as covered by Dexys Midnight Runners)

Dexys Midnight Runners have been one of my major influences when i was young. Their first album "Searching for the young soul rebels" would still end up in my "top5-best-records-ever"-list. Not only because it is brilliant, but especially because it helped me free my mind from the limitations that came along with trying (and failing) to be a punk. For me it opened the doors to the even more exiting world, now called POST-PUNK. "Geno" and "seven days too long" have always been my favorites of that album, and it took ages until i realized that the latter is a coverversion of a 60s Northern Soul-classic by an unknown singer called Chuck Wood. And here is one of the rare moments where the internet ends: no mention in wikipedia, no foto of him, just a few words from fans. The original single was out on roulette records and the b-side "soul shing-a-ling" is amazing, too, in a more wild, almost bluesy sense. Mojo records rereleased the song on 7 inch. I checked for fotos of Chuck wood in the internet: there are no! But I came across this foto and i really liked it. IT IS NOT THE CHUCK WOOD THAT RECORDED THIS SONG. it is a guy also called Chuck Wood, who finished Eisenhower senior high school in 1976. i like the foto, sorry Chuck.


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