Shir Khan hosts a new weekly radioshow at FRITZ

Excuse me for not having posted that much in the past. But I have been constantly travelling. I was touring Australia, Brazil (support for LCD Soundsystem), Canada (support for Mstrkft), England, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine. It has been a good year for me. IDJ reviewed my Mix-Cd SHIR KHAN - MAXIMIZE! as one of their "finest compilations of the year". My remix for Bonde do Role on Domino got amazing airplay and I already saw it in some TOP10 for one of the best remixes for 2007 (Timeout/Tel Aviv). My label EXPLOITED had a good start with artists Surkin, Adam Sky and Siriusmo. Sinden featured the Crookers Remix for Adam Sky as one of the essential club tunes for 2007 in Factmagazine. Diplo also got crazy for it as Gorky told me. Angie Reed made a nice 3D-Comicvideo for this which I am going to post here very soon. Last, but not least, in 2008 I start a weekly radioshow at Fritz. Dont miss it and make sure you tune in. I will probably post playlists and some of the mixes featured on the show here. More info on: www.fritz.de
Check the frequency: 102.6
Here are the dates for January:
01.01.08 / 20.00-22.00 / tuesday / Radio Fritz 102.6 / Soundgarden mit Shir Khan / Best of 2007 / Mash-up-Mix / EDU K-Dj-mix
08.01.08 / 20.00-22.00 / tuesday / Radio Fritz 102.6 / Soundgarden mit Shir Khan / WHOMADEWHO-Album-Preview/ BAILE FUNK Special / MAN RECORDINGS-Feature / Dj-Gast: DANIEL HAAKSMAN
15.01.08 / 20.00-22.00 / tuesday / Radio Fritz 102.6 / Soundgarden mit Shir Khan / EUROCRUNK Special / Dj-Gast: CHRIS DE LUCA VS PHON.O
22.01.08 / 20.00-22.00 / tuesday / Radio Fritz 102.6 / Soundgarden mit Shir Khan / Dj-Gast: BEN MONO
29.01.08 / 20.00-22.00 / tuesday / Radio Fritz 102.6 / Soundgarden mit Shir Khan / Dj-Gast: MODESELEKTOR

Finally, watch out for the New Years eve Party! And watch out for a Berlin Battery party coming in march alongside Zombie Disco Squad. Peace and a happy new year. Shirk

Siriusmo - Allthegirls

Coming soon to a recordshop near you. Check the artwork and get yourself the last 2 issues. Its always famous popartists being painted over with a stamp on saying: EXPLOITED. This time its Donna Summer getting her ripoff.
Here is a little preview for you of the upcoming Siriusmo on my little label Exploited. And in fact, you dont have the old ones....go and get them from Bungalow...since so many people asked me for "meine wunderbare welt"....Supermarkt is in charge of them. Drop him a mail. Anyway - here is a little description: "Imagine Giorgio Moroder and Timberland doing the new soundtrack for Knight Rider and you've got the gist." (Djmag). Supported by BerlinBattery, A-Trak, Tim Paris, Surkin, Boys Noize, Kissy Sellout, Busy P, Makossa, Punks jump up, Bang Gang Deejays, Colette Paris, Modular Records.
EXPLOITED12"(Vinyl+Mp3): Siriusmo - Allthegirls (with Remixes from Yuksek, Tomboy, Modeselektor)
Released: 14.1.08


Jason Sudeikis and Justin Timberlake - Dick in a box

Merry Christmas everyone!!!



Finally, the new single by Friendly Fires from Nottnigham this time on moshi moshi records. The song is one more reason for me to think they are one of the most promising new bands from UK. A real berlinbattery favorite band for some time now. This is spacey disco pop at it's best, with a lot of extatic percussion, a big hook and you can dance to it... You HAVE to get their two other 10 Inches, if you're not stupid!




Watch two songs from one of my favorite bands from 2007 THE RUMBLE STRIPS playing a special show in Madrid's infamous NASTI CLUB for their 7th anniversary. If you know the Nasti Possee you can recognize a lot of freaks in the audience... Honestly, if you've ever been to Nasti club you will understand, that i am extremly happy, that everybody there is still alive and survived 7 years of utter madness! Party on! Get that Nasti shit! Thanks to Pablo, Chema and Carla (and all you others...) for some of my most remembered dj-nights...



This is a clash of the titans! Peaches and Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" raps over Thomas Bangalters (Daft Punk) "Spinal Scratch", back in the days on Roule records. Thanks Supermarkt for finding this track in your record collection! Listen to this mash up and of course to Tone Loc and Peaches new "Wild Thing" on Delicious Vinyl.



Enjoy this amazing live performance by -The Heavy- this week in a tiny club in Berlin. They were allready featured in the -Butterfly Collector Mix- by Supermarkt with -Coleen-. Easily the concert of the year, well for this week.


Exhibition @ Gallery Sparwasser HQ Berlin (until dec. 15th).
Just passed by this exhibition in a small gallery in berlin (Torstrasse 161) and really had a good time. Two european artists (J&K) went to Egypt and brought home a very catchy but disturbing installation about a land between tourism and tradition. The presentation is great, as you can really get "inside" the show.

two more berlin gallery recommendations:
- "the darkside portraits @ www.pool-gallery.com (tucholskystr. 38)
- "berliner strasse" @ circleculture gallery (gipsstrasse 11)
group-exhibition featuring works of my favorite berlin artists of now "Jaybo aka Monk", who is also the graphic guru of "Style & The Family Tunes"-magazine.



What should I say? Load the track down, play it in your club and have a freaked out party! don't don't don't do do don't...


Shir Khan is playing in Australia and we listen to bands from Australia. Soft Tigers are from Sydney and they release on Bang Gang 12inches, the label of the incredible Bang Gang DJs.
Do you know DJ Gorky from Bonde Do Role and his favorite t-shirt with the print "Ice cream saved my day"? Maybe he wrote the lyrics...


What a nice remix! A rock-beat meets a house-piano and a disco-bassline. Love it! The original rocks in an 90's Technotronic style. Funny, but a bit too much for me. Listen to it here: www.myspace.com/officialjuiceboxxx.
Or check out their label Vicious Pop Records for more strange (dance?) music: www.myspace.com/viciouspoprecords


Oh. I love Singapore Airlines so much. Markus (Supermarkt) was totally right that this is the best flight agency. I could choose between 98 movie channels and yes - I could also play computer games...just as SPACE INVADERS...classic! However, made my way from Singapore to Australia to give it a bit of Dj-Touring here. Just played at the Bang Gang Deejays Party in Melbourne at 3rd Class. That was brilliant. Met Gameboy/Gamegirl there. Also Sidney got totally crazy. Now I am hanging here around at Bondi Beach trying to bring a toxicated body into motion....Actually I got back into riding the waves....Last time I did this was nearly 18 years ago. Wow! Yesterday I checked out some Koala Bears, Kangoroos and Tasmanian Devils...yeah...Zoo Khan kicked it in the jungle. My reccommendation for today: REVLOVER - CAN'T STAND (ZZT RMX). Thats a standout track which is going to be released in January on RELISH. Just used it in Sidney as my intro and everybody asked what it is. Its all mental and the weird pianolick in the middle is nasty. Actually..its too new...so I am not going to post this. Another funny tune is: JENNIFER ROSTOCK - KOPF ODER ZAHL (DEICKIND RMX)...quite impressed by this one. Funny German lyrics in a dope Deichkind Rmx. Already played it and it rocked! So the track I am going to post is from Yukseks mate Brodinksi from France. This came out on Mental Groove and comes with Remixes from the ones of Radioclit and Crookers. Crookers did the most banging and since I have been playing this tune to death I am gonna post it here for you.



Here is a new dj-mix, recorded at Nitsa Club Barcelona last weekend. What you hear is the screaming sound of a dj set at 4.30 in the morning under the influence of around 46 Gin Tonics and too many of theses delicious tapas. Enjoy (too) many songs from electro-funk to Dancehall to French-house to punk-rave to madness, a lot of fucked-up mixes and feel the fun (i had) in the middle of the sweaty club night... Remember: this is about ENERGY!
It's 68 minutes (77mb), and i have no idea, why (and how?) i played so many tracks. The mix will kick off a new K7 mix-compilation series: dj-punks! (well, in my fantasy...)

1. Intro
2. Klaxons - So above (Justice rmx)
3. The Screetch - screetch
4. Strike Boys - The rhyme
5. Operator Please - just a song about ping pong (Kissy Sellouts White Stallion rmx)
6. Knightlife - all systems
7. Hervé - Cheap thrills
8. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (armand van helden rmx)
9. Sonny J - can't stop moving (Young Punx rmx)
10. Les Rhythmes Digitales - (Hey You) whats that sound? (JLC rmx)
11. Siriusmo - all the girls (Tomboy rmx)
12. Adam Sky vs Mark Stewart - we are all prostitutes (Crookers rmx)
13. Futureheads vs Morillo - dance about it later (Andy styler rmx)
14. Best of DK - smack my bitch up
15. Thomas Bangalter - spinal scratch
16. Trilogyy - Work it baby
17. Daft Punk vs Van She vs Dangerous Dan - around the world
18. Frederico Franchi vs Boota Shade - cream
19. Kissy Sellout - her (touché rmx)
20. Tim El Le - forward
21. The Teenagers vs Guns'n'Bombs - Homecoming (dj supermarkt edit)
22. Taggy Matcher - Rock it
23. LCD Soundsystem - Get innocuous! (Soulwax rmx)
24. Telex - Moscow Discow
25. Will Bailey - intergalactic
26. Arctic Monkeys - old yellow (Cryptonites rmx)
27. Trevor Loveys - Organ Grinder


TIM EL LE - forward

another club-electro-bomb. It's quite old, but people always ask me about it, when i play it. It's from a 12 Inch on Scream & Shout. It has a great rocking sample of...(ha, won't tell you, you will never find out...) in it, well, thats why i like it, as you know! Actually it was produced by a dj from cologne called Tim Royko. make up your own mind on the stuff he normally does...

EVEL KNIEVEL died yesterday......in bed

rest in peace!



Back by popular demand. There are so many bands influenced by The Specials nowadays. Amy Winehouse has covered the whole catalogue of The Specials, the sound of The Gorillaz/Mr Hudson & The Library/Hard Fi/The Babyshambles a.m.m. would not be possible without "More Specials", the second album. "Rat Race" was originally only released as a 7 Inch single after the first album and showed the way out of the Ska-universe, that The Specials were hating already after their first album. Althoug being one of the few mixed bands (black and white musicians) the right wing Skinhead movement loved and obviously never understood The Specials and most shows ended in big fights between left wing and right wing Skinheads/Mods/Punks...

CHUCK WOOD - seven days too long (as covered by Dexys Midnight Runners)

Dexys Midnight Runners have been one of my major influences when i was young. Their first album "Searching for the young soul rebels" would still end up in my "top5-best-records-ever"-list. Not only because it is brilliant, but especially because it helped me free my mind from the limitations that came along with trying (and failing) to be a punk. For me it opened the doors to the even more exiting world, now called POST-PUNK. "Geno" and "seven days too long" have always been my favorites of that album, and it took ages until i realized that the latter is a coverversion of a 60s Northern Soul-classic by an unknown singer called Chuck Wood. And here is one of the rare moments where the internet ends: no mention in wikipedia, no foto of him, just a few words from fans. The original single was out on roulette records and the b-side "soul shing-a-ling" is amazing, too, in a more wild, almost bluesy sense. Mojo records rereleased the song on 7 inch. I checked for fotos of Chuck wood in the internet: there are no! But I came across this foto and i really liked it. IT IS NOT THE CHUCK WOOD THAT RECORDED THIS SONG. it is a guy also called Chuck Wood, who finished Eisenhower senior high school in 1976. i like the foto, sorry Chuck.