SUPERTHRILLER - hairdresser

these guys just released their new smashing album "superthriller 2", which is actually their third album. "Superthriller 1" already was great with its two small underground hits "ahjustwannadance" and "I'm gonna ask to leave at three, so call me", but 2005 (before Radiohead tested the internet (and their fans) with their new album) Superthriller had a revolutionary idea to release "the blank album". For a low prize you could buy an empty CDR with cover and artwork. With a personal code you could choose and download 23 tracks (from 40 tracks) in the internet and burn it on your CDR.
Most famous fan (besides me and Shir Khan..haha) is Beck who invited them on their complete european tour recently. "Superthriller 2 " is their best album up to date, their sound is somewhere between electro, funk, soul and dirty pop... like Prince jamming with Beck...sort of. Love it!


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