REPUBLIC OF LOOSE - comeback girl

this is my favorite song and my favorite band of the moment. They're from Dublin and just released their second album "Aaaagh!", which sounds like a mix of Outkast, Stones, Beck and Hall&Oates. It's simply brilliant and totally unique. And after watching the video i think i want to meet the two guys personally. They are also part of the "Butterfly collector - mix" i posted some time ago.



Manu hat gesagt…

Hey, getting addicted to your blog now. I fell in love with this song too when listening your butterfly collector mix.
Also, Damon Albarn and Stuart Price ?
Of course they're the greatest!
Will try to go see you on your next set here in Berlin

dj supermarkt hat gesagt…

you're right!

say hello when we are in the same room in berlin soon...