LES RHYTHMES DIGITALES - hey you whats that sound (JLC remix version)

Just found this ace remix JLC did for his own track on the 12 Inch b-side. What else can you say about Stuart Price? For me he is one of the two most influencial pop musicians of recent times (the other is Damon Albarn). On his album "Darkdancer" in 1998 he already took a trip into the eighties, and that was years before people all over the world discovered that the eighties were cool. The album features the Whirlpool Production cover "from disco to disco", the recently commercialised "Jacques Your Body" and Nik Kershaw on guest vocals. And the sprayed cover graphics are miles ahead of the time, too (remember in the 90s you could be stoned to death for only mentioning the eighties). With his alter egos (Thin White Duke, Zoot Woman, Paper Faces etc..) he is constantly releasing only highest quality music and remixes. It is no surprise that Madonna bought his production talents for her music. he just turned 30, so i wonder what he is up to next...

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