IN FLAGRANTI - emotional R (in flagranti edit)

the discofied "emotional rescue" always was my favorite song of the Rolling Stones. the sampledelic guys from IN FLAGRANTI speed it up, cut the boring parts, loop the rest and here it is: the dance version, i always waited for. Actually there is something else coming in late in the song, which made my mind blow away. Genius... i won't tell you...listen! IN FLAGRANTI released tons of discofied electro 12 Inches on Codek and Mindless Boogie and a really great album called "wronger than anyone else". Alex Gloor (one of the two guys) does the truely amazing graphics for them and used to be in a band called FAMILY OF GOD, which we released on Bungalow ages ago. There is lots more to discover on the IN FLAGRANTI planet. Go to Youtube and watch all their amazing selfmade videos, which they did exactly the same way, like they produce music. Cut and loop softporn movies and other weird films of the late seventies. This song is available on 12 Inch on Mindless Boogie and there are two other crazy tunes on it. Get it!


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