SUPERMAYER - the art of letting go

Kompakt on berlinbattery? ohlala! This is a great song from the Kompakt-maestros themselves. Not minimal at all. Cool but funky, yet full of joy, dirty charm and FUN! Remembers me in the most positive way of the highlights of WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTIONS. The song sounds like the two enjoyed themselves doing this (and the album too, which i really recommend you to BUY!). Enjoy...actually one of the sentiments i am really missing in 99% of Minimal music. Well, i do not play a lot of Kompakt-12 Inches in my set (except maybe Rex The Dog and the mighty Ferenc - yes Sir i can hardcore), but this sounds like the end of minimal dullness. I met Michael Mayer once in Benicassim in a shuttle and he is a really nice guy. we talked about...well deejaying with vinyl, what do you guess! we were both a bit pissed off by other djs playing with CDRs and not supporting artists that they play by buying at least a tiny part of their music. Well.. you know how old people are when they meet, full of idealism etc. In general i am no friend at all of the minimal idea (remember my first dj name was MAXIMAL) but i have shitloads of respect to Kompakt as a trademark in dance music and the empire they built on pure quality.

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