intergalactic message to rudi (reggae-mashup-mix by dj supermarkt)

ever wondered, what would happen, if scissor sisters, the clash, busta rhymes, the specials, jamie lidell, marvin gaye and snoop dogg (a.o.) would take a "babylon-by-bus"-trip to jamaica? me neither. but if you are interested, here is the soundtrack:

1. Intro
2. Scissor Sisters
3. Snoop Dogg
4. Busta Rhymes - New York Shit
5. Grandmaster Clash
6. Drop it like its shot
7. Chaka Kollektiv
8. Marvin Guy Gay
9. Jurassic Reggae
10. commercial break
11. Stick by me
12. Sister Nancy says Bangbang
13. Girls Town
14. Intergalactic
15. Mc Cay
16. J-Star
17. Don't stop till you reggae
18. J-star - coming up
19. Rhythm n Booze - somebody else's guy
20. Rhythm n Booze - Message to ODB
21. Creezy Hype Gnarls
22. Spliff jingle
23. Jamie Lidell Ska
24. i like to move it

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