Herve - Cheap Thrills

To me Herve (aka JOSHUA HARVEY,aka part of SPEAKER JUNK, aka THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTAL, aka part of DEAD SOUL BROTHERS aka VOODOO CHILLI)is still the hottest producer and remixer at the moment. This one (CHEAP THRILLS) is from his long awaited CHEAP THRILLS EP on DUBSIDED.....COMING SOON! yes - it uses some kind of a Michael Jackson-Sample....and one of the additional tracks "Rocky Raver" will include a sample you can already expect from its title.....I must confess that CHEAP THRILLS was the strongest track on the weekend when Rob played it in Room3 at Fabric. Everybody going nuts to this one. Lovin that combination of Fidget, Mash-up, Funk and Baltimore....just like lots of songs in one track.

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