famous Boogaloo club revived for one night

on saturday 13th, famous Berlin Acid Jazz/Downbeat/breakbeat club BOOGALOO is taking over the 103 club. boogaloo was situated, where the shitty Sage Club is now (inside Heinrich Heine U-station). in 1992 berlin was very much ruled by a new sound called Techno (remember?) and the opening of Boogaloo marked a change to more musically openminded clubs. Here people danced to Acid Jazz (Roots, Galliano, Corduroy played there live), Dancehall, Hip Hop (when there were no gangstaz around) and ..well... we (le hammond inferno) had their first residency EVER here. we played in the basement (size 30 qm) where people had to be dragged out after 15 minutes to breath air again. It was great! the programm features a.o. Oli Massive, Barney Millah, Sebel & Apollo, Der Lächelnde Schamane, Dj Minsky and Dj Supermarkt(103 club, Falckensteinstrasse 47, 10997 Berlin)

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