dj supermarkt - butterfly collector#01-mix (70 min., 60 mb)

this is a special one! there is so much really good pop-music around nowadays, that it happens a lot, that you miss something extraordinary. here are 17 new tracks from bands from all over the planet, that i wish NOT to be missed. These tracks make my life a better place, why shouldn't they mean something to you? musically this is all about...well..twisted pop music. Imagine a land somewhere between Beck, Steely Dan, Blur, Prefab Sprout, Funboy 3, Nick Drake and Flaming Lips. Haven't visited this land, ever? Don't think it exists? Well, try it out. This is pure quality (in my humble ears) and every single band on this Mix deserves stardom in the near future (actually i am quite sure, that some of them will actually make it!). i kinda tried to make this mix sound like music that you listen to in a fantasy supermarket (sorry, yes, it's really stupid). The bits and pieces inbetween the songs are taken from a record with "sounds from berlin in the year 1968". enjoy and discover this collection.

1- republic of loose - comeback girl
2- stuntmen - you're the best find
3- lightspeed champion - galaxy of the lost
4- dylan donkin - make a choice
5- hey hey my my - too much space
6- benny sings - coconut
7- free blood - never hear surf music again
8- leon jean marie - scratch
9- the heavy - coleen
10- elmore judd - we float in time
11- friendly fires - strobelight
12- Olympus mons - ok on my own (fear of theydon rmx)
13- georgie james - need your needs
14- be be see - smart but casual
15- Oh no ono - shock of the real
16- Middleman - when you're in love
17- adele - my hometown


seb hat gesagt…

mehr davon! sehr schöne sachen dabei. von friendly fires kommt übrigens demnächst schon wieder eine neue single. "paris" - vielleicht sogar ihre beste...

dj supermarkt hat gesagt…


vielen dank. Paris von FF hab ich auch schon reingehört. Klingt fast noch besser als die anderen songs...

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der supermarkt