Goblin - Tenebre

In case you didnt know, this here is the track that got jacked by JUSTICE for PHANTOM.
Goblin are an Italian progressive rock band known for their soundtracks for Dario Argento films
(including Deep Red of 1975, also known as Profondo Rosso, and Suspiria of 1977).
Tenebrae is the soundtrack to Dario Argento's film of the same title, first released as an album in 1982, and reissued most recently in 2004 with multiple bonus tracks. The score was composed and performed by three former members of the defunct rock group, Goblin, who briefly reunited at the request of the film's director.
- So - tomorrow you can see JUSTICE - not Goblin - in Hamburg performing at Übel&Gefährlich. Either we go there, and straight afterwards we go to the Melt!Festival, or we gonna see NAMOSH performing with the BONERS, including Jack Tennis on Bass.

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Eric (pas chic chic) hat gesagt…

Great soundtrack. Very different from Suspiria but just as amazing I would argue.